Receiver and Manager Appointed 

A debenture holder could exercise his right to the security and charge of the assets. We have been appointed as Receivers and Managers for numerous cases from simple to complex cases. Our vast experience in this field enable us to be one of the most reputable Receivers and Managers in the market. We are in the panel of Receivers and Managers for most major Banks in Malaysia.

Our experiences in maximising the value of assets to increase the amount of recovery to the Banks or Creditors:

  • Analysing the best method of recovery;
  • Analysing the best channel of recovery;
  • Our in-depth experience and knowledge on the asset class;
  • Tapping into our vast networks in Malaysia and abroad (We/ Associates are member of many important associations like REHDA, MIA, ACCA, CTIM, IPAM, CIDB, TARC alumni, Teochew Association;